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New detailed Home >> News >> Blog >> How to choose a steel doors color in china ?
How to choose a steel doors color in china ?

About the steel doors colors and there are a lot color for your choice and the price is different ,this time and I will show you how to choose the steel doors colors .
1.The steel doors colors usually used is : transfer wood color , powder coating , copper , metallic paint ,sand matting transfer .
2,Transfer wood color steel doors is usually used and the colors looks beautiful because it have wood grain , so could fit with your furniture . There are a lot of wood color you could choose such as cheery , black walnut ,teak wood and so on . Powder is also usually used color , such as white , brown is most often used , fire proof steel doors usually used white colors , and powder could used longer in the sun and not easy fade , so powder coating steel doors is a good choice for the country with hot weather.
3.Then copper color is beautiful because it looks like copper , and the copper color could make your home noble , so it is very popular in dubai and middle east market . The color is also not easy to fade and a good choice when the doors must expose in the sun.
4.Metallic paint is look like metal , this color is not usually used but popular in china , because it looks metallic silver ,shinning in the surface .
5.The sand matting transfer could use longer than normal transfer color doors , but the price is higher . The best quality doors usually use this color .
For the price the the copper colors is most expensive , then sand matting transfer color is cheaper than copper , then metallic paint is cheaper than matting transfer , then normal transfer is cheaper then metallic paint , then powder is cheapest of all .
6.Any other questions for doors and you could send me email to :sales@steelwooddoors.com, or visit our website : www.steelwooddoors.com.
And if you want the reply photos about the doors and the doors price you could also send me email then I will send you the photos and price as soon as possible .


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