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Team work
Teamwork is one of our basic principles of our company, we form a close team both internally and with our dealers. We represent this teamwork symbolic by sponsoring the hom doors Sailing Team. Speed, technology, cooperation, insight and tactical strength are characteristics that apply to both the entire hom doors Team and the Sailing Team.


we research institute nurtures quantities of versatile talents in ten years. Our sales team also are consultants to our customers, not only offering professional and satisfying sales services, but also offering professional and technical suggestions and communications. Adhere to the enterprise spirit of “united, innovative, truth-seeking and pragmatic”, comply with the core value of “center on people and clients come first”Our staff have a wealth of knowledge and experience from working at Director level with Major manufacturers within the industry.


Our sales teams come together and communicate how we will coordinate our day in order to accomplish the orders our client give us . We cooperate with one another . The team leaders listen to the team members and allow for as much control to be left in the hands of team members as possible . The team members accept responsibility for their work and remain open to communication about improving it . The team leaders appreciate the knowledge and experience of the team members and provide them with the training and resources necessary for excellence . Team leaders are also responsible to become skilled in human relations not just the the given field of work . The team members also respect that the final say is in the hands of the team leaders . Personal accountability is a goal for all . We take care of our doors orders well .

Effective Communication = Success
We begin every new doors orders by assembling our team, each member with a particular specialty who plays a key role in the success of suppler our client with good quality doors ..

Through an organized format of open, creative dialog, your requirements will be clarified, often through the use of specs, details and samples for optimal visualization. Upon final confirmation of the order, our factory team puts their 20 years experience to work. Through every step of the manufacturing process, you'll receive updates from our doors sales managers, insuring your delivery will be complete and on time.

We invite you to become part of our team and look forward to creating a mutually beneficial, long-lasting relationship.

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